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Web Design Essex is a results-driven digital marketing agency. Beyond just building websites, we build businesses

Want a partner in digital marketing that treats every project like its own? Ding, ding, ding! You’re in the right place.

Local businesses of all shapes and sizes know just how vital a solid online presence is.

Whether you’re a modest startup or a sprawling enterprise, our web design expertise will help your brand look professional, function seamlessly, and work wonders for your business goals.

branding 🦋

Crafting Your Identity.

We blend creativity with strategy—a nifty duo—to sculpt brands that not only stand out in a crowd but also successfully connect with their audience. The corresponding result? Casual viewers-turned-brand loyalists who enjoy a long-term relationship with your brand.

Illustrations 🖼️

Visualising Ideas, Shaping Experiences. Our illustrations and wireframe designs take abstract concepts and turn them into clear, engaging visuals—laying the groundwork for intuitive (and captivating!) user experiences.

UX & UI 🧪

Designing Effective, Intuitive Interfaces.

We whip up seamless, user-centric designs that drive engagement/results thanks to eye-pleasing aesthetics and can’t-miss functionality. One thing to note, it is not all about aesthetics. Sometimes, the most effective designs, are the most simple!


Prioritising User-Friendly Designs.

The websites we design adjust to any screen size so users enjoy a flawless experience no matter which device they’re using.

Marketing 📈

Amplifying Reach, Driving Engagement. Our strategic marketing solutions are tailored to increase visibility, engage an audience, and boost brand growth—A/B testing EVERYTHING in the process.

SEO Strategy 🔎

Elevating Your Online Presence, Maximising Visibility. We craft comprehensive SEO plans to boost search rankings and effectively connect brands with their target audience(s). Most importantly, resulting in leads.

Experienced Marketers

Teaming Up with the World’s Leading Marketing Tools & Platforms

What Our Clients Say...

Our Work

E-commerce Websites

Our custom e-commerce solutions are designed to enhance shopping experiences, streamline transactions, and boost online sales performance to transform browsing into buying and fuel business growth. Whether you need a new website or conversion rate optimisation – We have you covered.

Our Work

LDN Leadwork

When renowned roofing company LDN Leadwork entrusted us with their website, we immediately deemed it an opportunity to create a digital experience as robust and reliable as the roofs they build. In doing so, we set out to design a website that mirrored the company’s commitment to quality and friendly, accessible service approach.

Our Work

Propel Electrical

We were tasked with building a website that not only powered Propel Electrical’s online visibility but also acted as a conduit connecting the company with customers on the hunt for reliable expert electrical services. Just like a well-wired circuit, we went on to create a digital platform that was efficient, responsive, and perfectly aligned with Propel’s energising brand.

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About Us

Essex Web Designers

As a dedicated Hornchurch, Essex web design and marketing agency, we’re committed to helping clients grow their business and achieve their dreams.

We absolutely adore partnering with local businesses, helping them get off the ground or simply reach the next level in their work. 

In putting our years of experience and skilled team of Essex web designers to the test, we strive to create visually stunning websites that hit home with target audiences.

Our values, meanwhile, are all about quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. 

We love injecting our technical expertise and creativity into every project we sink our teeth into as an extension of our clients’ business.

While we’ve worked on various projects scattered across the UK, there’s just something about supporting local businesses in our home county of Essex—our bread and butter, that’s for sure.


Essex Web Design Services


Bespoke Website Design

Every business is unique, and your website should reflect that.

Unlike most website design agencies, we do not use templates.

Our custom website design services are tailored to your business. By adhering to your brand guidelines, we ensure that your website stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Our designs are visually appealing and user-friendly, providing a seamless user experience across all devices. Most importantly, they are optimised for results.


E-commerce Websites

Knowing an efficient online store reigns supreme in our online shopping era, we specialise in designing/developing e-commerce websites using dedicated platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Our solutions are perfect for both small businesses looking to expand their reach and their larger peers who want to take their online sales to even higher heights.

Dedicated features—the likes of which include secure payment gateways, inventory management, and easy navigation—arm us with the ability to help ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.



Website Design & Development

We follow a step-by-step process to create functional, user-friendly, responsive websites while offering end-to-end service spanning initial consultation to final launch. Using popular content management systems (e.g. WordPress), we’ll ensure your website is easy to manage/update while always aiming to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge designs that meet your business objectives.

Please note we don’t work with all platforms out there.

One such example? Wix—not that we have nothing against them, of course!

While sites such as these are great for new businesses, WordPress offers far more functionality and features.

Which is precisely why over 40% of the internet is built on a content management system (CMS) like this specific platform.


SEO Services​

A stunning website is pretty much useless if potential customers can’t find it.

It’s for this very reason that we integrate search engine optimisation (SEO) services into our web design processes to improve search rankings and drive organic traffic to your site, enlisting the help of long-term strategies to ensure it’ll remain visible and competitive in search engine results in the months and years to come.

Our SEO ethos is to utilise white hat techniques, which we’re proud (and humbled!) to say has helped many of our clients stay afloat when unexpected circumstances strike (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic).



Graphics and Logo Design

Visual appeal is definitely up there when people think about what makes a website successful!

Though we choose not to have an in-house graphics and logo design team (as this is, quite frankly, not our speciality), we’re thrilled to connect our clients with the established connections we’ve partnered with over the years.

Our go-to graphics designer has a beautiful methodical approach to graphics and has worked with companies all over the world, one of them being Disney!

We’ll happily provide examples of past work and case studies that showcase our ability to deliver stunning designs that align with a brand’s identity.


Marketing Services

In addition to Essex web design services and SEO, we offer pay-per-click (PPC) marketing services that brilliantly complement the latter; one is a viable option for quick results, the other for long-term success.

Our team will create comprehensive marketing strategies that enhance your online presence and effectively engage your audience, knowing that as with everything in life, a failure to prepare is simply preparing to fail. With this always in mind, we approach and prep our marketing plans with a tailored strategy based on the business goals, targets, and budgets of our clients.


Our Web Design Process


Initial Consultation

First things first – we will dedicate ourselves to understanding your business goals and getting to know your target audience inside and out. We will attentively listen to your needs and create a strategy that matches your objectives and most urgent desires.


Design and Development

This phase involves creating high-quality, user-friendly designs (and wireframes) that are compatible with all devices and pass extensive pre-launch tests to ensure they are ready to share with the world!


Launch and Ongoing Support

Post-launch, we’ll work to ensure optimal performance at all times via support plans that include regular backups and content updates: dotting our Is and crossing our Ts so your site will remain secure and up-to-date over the long haul.

Why Web Design Essex?

Competitive Pricing

With transparent pricing that ensures you’ll get the very best value for your investment and an upfront, honest approach, our cost-effective solutions prioritise quality for a robust ROI. 

Looking for something a tad cheaper? We’ll kindly refer you to Fiverr for freelance help—no hard feelings, we promise!

Excellent Service and Support Plans

Our commitment to excellent service includes ongoing support tailored to your own unique business needs, with numerous client success stories and positive Google Reviews always at the ready to back up this claim. 

Customer experience is everything to us and something we take very seriously.

Multifaceted Expertise

Website design? PPC marketing? SEO packages? We cover them all and provide each client with a customised marketing strategy executed according to defined processes/procedures.

Proven Track Record

Our case studies—chock full of successful projects and speaking to our ability to deliver results—highlight our proven track record of creating websites that invite engagement and drive client conversions.



With user experience always at the heart of our web design philosophy, we create user-friendly websites that drive engagement and ensure a positive experience for visitors:

Following best practices for friendly, responsive websites and guaranteeing user accessibility.

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Jack SteelJack Steel
18:35 17 Nov 23
Ashley BlakeAshley Blake
16:33 16 Nov 23
Sohit MasterSohit Master
12:07 16 Nov 23
Jamie TerrellJamie Terrell
11:31 16 Nov 23
Ben LaneBen Lane
10:20 16 Nov 23
Archie halversonArchie halverson
07:58 16 Nov 23
Ben and his team made me a stunning website for my kitchen company. Highly recommend
Chel WrayChel Wray
07:23 16 Nov 23
Very professional.Great ongoing supportBusiness has boosted massively since the website was launched by Ben and his team. Highly recommend . 5 star service
23:31 15 Nov 23
Thank you very much for your assistance and ongoing work ethic. Your approach to business, and depth of your knowledge has really boosted our business and re-branding. Web Design Essex are the go to for Web Design and Marketing. Highly recommended.
Ibrahim KayaIbrahim Kaya
16:02 15 Nov 23
This company are great. They are professional, friendly, and most importantly they are bloody good at what they do.I’ve used their services for various projects over the years and will continue to do. After moving from another agency Ben and his team were very accommodating and informative. Unlike previous agencies, they got the results they suggested. Highly recommend, 5 star service.
Courtney PerryCourtney Perry
16:26 27 Oct 21
Ben and his team got my ads up and running so quickly. We noticed a huge jump in sales straight away. Very efficient and professional. Highly recommended.

Building a Strong Digital Presence

A cohesive digital presence is essential for building brand awareness/trust and attracting potential customers.

Our integrated web design and marketing services will create a robust digital presence for your business alongside strategies primed to build brand awareness and effectively engage with your audience.

Craving an all-in-one solution for your business? 

Hire Web Design Essex as your go-to agency.

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Our bespoke approach, technical expertise, and comprehensive support set us apart.

We tailor each project to meet the specific needs of our clients. As well as offering on-page SEO with all web design projects as standard.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project. However, we strive to complete most projects within 4-6 weeks.

Yes, we provide ongoing support, including regular backups, content updates, and technical assistance.

We will also setup monitoring to ensure your website is up and running with 99% uptime.

All projects we work on are designed with a mobile-first approach ensuring they work perfectly on mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices. With over 90% of traffic on mobile, this should be a priority for any web design agency.

As soon as your website is live, we can take a look at the best approach for your current market and budget. Whether it be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Search Engine Optimisation.

As a web design agency we do not host your website for a number of reasons, unlike other agencies. We prefer to use a dedicated hosting company. Most importantly, this gives you complete control over your website – We simply manage it.

The costs you will incur are as follows:

Hosting costs: £10-£30 p/m depending on requirements.

Design fee: from £1,600 depending on requirements.

Other costs include plugins, or any additional features/services you require.